About us

If you do not want to follow the trends as most people do, if you are about everyone wearing the same things, if you want to create and lead the trend, if you want to wear something different and stand out from the "fashionable" crowd, you should choose William Gao.

The style aims to be distinct, timeless. The clothes have a lot of handmade details, the finest quality, and are made to measure. William Gao is creative, and at the same time wearable.

Be unique. Be different. Wear William Gao.


When you would like to order an item

If you would like to own a William Gao, then please visit our online shop. If the item might not be available, then you can contact us through the contact form.

William Gao is not mass-produced. It is handmade to order, from the finest materials available.

Worried about the size? Don't! We will contact you to make sure the size is as good as we can make it. And if, against all odds, there is a problem with the size, we'll adjust the size for you - until it fits. We'll make it fit, or we will take the item back and refund the item 100%.